Hair Transplant Blog – A Great Source of Information When Evaluating the Treatment’s Effectiveness

Not everyone goes crazy about the effectiveness of hair restoration surgery when it comes to bringing back the natural life of a person’s hair. Some still continue to doubt about whether this treatment actually work for the sole purpose of restoring damaged hair and bring back its natural beauty. These people are those who believe that hair, when damaged, can never be reborn or bring back into its normal appearance. It is for this reason that some websites create a hair transplant blog to introduce to the public how effective a certain surgical treatment is in the restoration of one’s hair.

If ever you made the decision of actually trying out hair restoration surgery to solve the problems you have encountered about your hair but still doubt about its effectiveness, the best source of information that you can rely upon is the internet. You may browse the net and search about the subject and find out certain recent reviews about the treatment. This way you will be able to gain all important information about the subject and find out if whether this solution can become an answer to your hair loss problems. You may even read a hair transplant blog available on the internet and see if the treatment has really worked wonders for a majority of those who have tried the surgery. This will allow you to formulate your final decision about whether you will try the surgery or not.

A hair transplant blog can become your foundation when wanting to learn about the entire subject of hair restoration surgery. Even if you have finally decided to try the treatment, the blog can still be very helpful for you. It will allow you to gain information on things that you have to do before and after the surgery. Before the surgery, the information that you may find on blogs may be helpful for you to be prepared on the procedure that you are about to go through. Still, even after the surgery, you may find all the information you have gathered on the blogs helpful because it will allow you to learn what you have to do in order for you to obtain the positive effects of the surgery the fastest time possible.

Should You Build a Blog Or a Website?

What’s all the big buzz about blogs…

They Are Easy To Do.
It’s all to easy, with all the “build a free blog buzz” yo think blogging is a cheap and quick way to make easy money fast.

You Can Get One Up Fast.
Yes, a blog goes up fast. With zero planning and research.

Blogs Get Indexed Fast.
And, yes, blogs are indexed fast. That’s the nature of blogs. Search engines and web crawlers love them.

Blogs Are Starting To Look Like “Real” Websites.
But, their beauty is only skin deep. They are much more about “show me the money” than show me this pretty site.


After a while your Blog content becomes like a 3-day old newspaper… good only for wrapping fish! How come? How does Google know that? It’s because visitors don’t come back to visit old posts.

Compare that to a theme-based content site where visitors continually visit to read your what you have to say. If you have a site of interest to the reader, they will list put it on their desk top for easy referral. There’s a huge difference in terns of depth and Search Engine “friendliness:.

So, here’s the obvious question:

Why don’t people just do it right in the first place?

You know why. It’s because most everyone like “fast, easy and cheap”. It’s human nature. They want to make money with their web presence as fast as they can. That “get rich-quick” website with the “hot” sales copy sold them on posting a FREE BLOG. Now they’re off chasing the next best thing!

But… blogs are important for you to have.

So, what’s the answer? Build a blog or a website? In truth, you should actually have both. You should embed your blog right in your website.

For more information, log onto:

Why Blog Marketing to Make Money Blogging?

People have problems and internet marketers have answers.

Relationships – Blogging allows you to create a relationship with your readers. Readers are more likely to buy from people they know like and trust. Readers are attracted to blogs due to their updated material and bits of personal insight throughout.

Relevant material – A good blog marketer keeps up with keywords and trends. Updating your blog is as simple as creating a new page or post in a few minutes. This beats updating a traditional HTML site any day. Since blog updates are in chronological order, readers know older posts might be outdated. Best of all, the old posts still have the keywords and meat to beef up your site and search engine juice.

Insight and Feedback – The personal nature of blogs creates a comment friendly site. Comments are great for inspiring fresh material. Updated material and reader interaction encourages readers to bookmark and subscribe to blogs.

Blogs vs. Websites

Blogs are websites. Blogs are more user friendly, especially for the average person who doesn’t have a computer science degree. With your own blog, you don’t have to call on a webmaster for updates. Adding video, audio or text to your blog without HTML knowledge is super easy.

FREE vs. Ownership

Free blogging sites are a wonderful concept and very user friendly. Set up an account and start blogging. If you’re a grandma who wants to boast about your beautiful and talented grandchildren, definitely take advantage of free blogging.

If you want to make money blogging, you need to be in control of every aspect along the way. There are too many unknowns using someone else’s free blogging platform if you want to make money blogging.

Let’s suppose you start to make money blogging on a free site, and you want to sell your site? You can’t. What if some competition makes a ridiculous complaint about you to the host and have you shut down? Or, what if that wonderful free blogging site recognizes how busy your blog is and decides to invite your competition to advertise on your site?

Who builds on someone else’s property? That’s what you’re doing when you use a free blogging site to make money blogging.

Build on your own real estate. This means blog marketing should be self hosted. When my friend, Mike Stokes, told me to start my blog marketing as a self hosted blog, I didn’t even know what that meant. Fortunately, I am coachable.

Mike walked me through the process of creating my own WordPress blog step by step. To thank him for his help, I complimented all his written instructions with picture clips and videoed every step of my first WordPress Blog. People are now selling our eBook through ClickBank. How cool is that?

People will always search the internet for answers to their problems. You can help those people and make money blogging. Even if you don’t have the answer to their problem, someone else does and would love for you to blog about it. Help others find answers to their problems and you can make money blogging.